Atrium (2015)

The subject of the view into this Atrium under construction, is the scaffolding. More than a thousand 36.3MP raw files were used to create this image. With the use of focus-stacking, stitching software and extensive retouche, a huge image was created with an infinite depth of field. (collaboration with Pieter Kers)

Olympic Highway (2016)

Four 270˚ river-to-river panorama's.

A souvenir of Seoul for the family when they stay in their second home in America.

Tango in Seoul (2016)

Portrait of a diplomat couple and the world they will soon leave behind. A last Tango on the green roof outside their apartment. Detailed interior and exterior views blend into several years of life in Itaewon, Seoul.

Schiphol Hilton (2013-2016)

The construction of the new Hilton Amsterdam Airport was photographed over a period of almost three years from room 819 in the old hotel. The old Hilton will be torn down and this viewpoint will soon no longer exist.

Victor (2012)

"There is a world hidden in every room" (Marnix de Keukelaere). Behind the white doors on the right we see two elbows side by side at their favorite table in Paris; he uses PC, she uses Mac.

Paushuize (2013)

The restored Paushuize photographed.

Amongst the images the cinematic view towards the dining room of the "Diplomat Suite" at Paushuize (Utrecht NL), where the beautiful Hortense de Beauharnais, who was Queen of The Netherlands from 1806 to 1810, stayed one night in 1807.

View to Delft (2014)

View from a renovated warehouse onto the exact spot where Vermeer painted his "View to Delft". On the other side of the water both the fast car of the client as the old car of the photographer can be spotted with a magnifying glass.